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    While We’re Asleep by Isla Scott

    What takes place,
    while we’re alseep -
    does God retain,
    our soul to keep?
    for the outcome of the nocturnal battle,
    when innocence is king and duly fought over,
    are we judged and a decision made -
    will we see another day?.
    Within these times of true slumber,
    does a revelation take place - never remembered but ever present,
    where people appear as they truly are,
    where our true humanity is laid bare,
    and its but a match of wits and our strength of passion,
    for our future, our longing, our direction and ultimate drive,
    with the knowledge of our tainted past,
    upon which a decision is made -
    Will we be allowed to go free,
    our soul returned
    and our eyelids awoken to another day -
    will we win the nightly battle?.

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    Why Do I Let You Overwhelm Me? by Isla Scott

    Why do I let you overwhelm me?
    can I not face you for what you truly are -
    not a person,
    nor a villain - tall, dark and looming,
    an evil waiting to strike,
    but words and concepts over analysed ad nauseum -
    built up into some invisible forcefield of shame -
    one self imposed, with an almightily disappointing.

    Fear can hit in so many forms,
    I want to stand up to you, as if you really were real
    and ask why it is I see you, an excuse allowing me
    to presume,
    to supposedly ‘self defend’,
    to cower down to you
    and presume you to be real -
    to be the finger pointing my way when a mistake is made,
    the ever present stare representing judgements surely made,
    silent thoughts of criticism,
    everyone makes them,
    I’m but a slave to my preconceptions.
    Heaven forbid I’m challenged on what I feel,
    another criticism only hits deeper -
    Surely I can do better than this?
    Why can I not take the leap,
    take control back again,
    not allow preconceived notions,
    to prevent me from attempting to achieve,
    to improve, to search for my potential,
    presumptions run wild, limitations seem clear -
    I can’t,
    I won’t!
    fear, worries, concerns,
    the potency of the ‘what if…?’
    these are my enemies that strike from within.

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    Vote No by Isla Scott

    All the shouting and back biting,
    political machinations
    are nothing but a put off,
    concerns not fully addressed,
    please can we get back to the basics -
    there’s so much at stake.
    In my country I am proud,
    and wish for only the best,
    the future I hope is bright
    but uncertainties worry me so -
    focus on that which we hold dear,
    please do not take things for granted,
    for guarantees and promises may not hold true.
    The answers we crave may be elusive;
    and so it is, that I wish to implore on all Scots eligible,
    don’t risk our countries future,
    vote no confidently, for our own sakes.

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    Ever Wondered? by Isla Scott

    Have you ever wondered,
    that which escapes us - we held captive
    by our own selves? hostages of our own making,
    restricted by self belief,
    criticisms dictated by thoughts alone -
    perfectionism provides inaccessible goals,
    blinkering us to our true potential.
    If only we saw ourselves for who we could be,
    not that which we struggle to do,
    not that which makes us anxious,
    everyone can excel in their own way,
    if only we could see what others do,
    no more scolding, more belief is the key
    then perhaps we may realise,
    what could be,
    if only.

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    Ignorance by Isla Scott

    Ignorance is bliss

    until it stares you in the face,

    ignorance is bliss,

    only you know thats not the case.

    Through gritted teeth, you say

    I’m different and that’s ok

    but then why is it so

    that somehow I just know

    things will stay this way,

    moods swing to and fro,

    until I mean it when I say,

    I’m happy with who and what I am,

    I’ve made peace, I’m no fraud or sham,

    and that’s the way its going to stay.

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    Can You Hear Time Passing? by Isla Scott

    Listen? can you hear that?
    time moves quick -
    chances lost forever more,
    opportunities no more;
    make the most of what you’ve been given,
    time is a blessing
    we shouldn’t take for granted.
    Pressure surrounds, disappointment looms,
    now I have time yet thats only half the battle,
    for what to use it for is the real question?
    to move on is to constantly achieve,
    set goals and tick boxes,
    if nothing is done then has the gift of time been wasted?.
    Perhaps I see things wrong,
    perhaps this is not the case,
    should we feel guilt if we choose to do nothing,
    not strive for more but breathe the air,
    catch up and recuperate,
    let ourselves recover and find a sense of self,
    one that had previously been long forgotten.

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    What We Wish For by Isla Scott

    Have you ever let your imagination
    Get the better of you?.
    Sometimes optimsm and hope can betray,
    further on down the line -
    yet they say only bad deeds are punished
    but what do they know?.
    As time goes on,
    Judgements may come quicker,
    as if by second nature,
    yet wrong turns develop deeper scars ultimately.
    Sometimes life throws us a curveball
    and what we were once sure of
    becomes challenged, questioning our needs,
    wants and motives alike -
    does what we wish for, what plays out in our mind,
    match the reality we’re capable of facing?.

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    Hurt Be The Price of Joy by Isla Scott

    To whomever this may concern,
    let me be clear
    I’m all but sure
    of what I’m supposed to share.
    Perhaps the natural beauty that surrounds?,
    the landscapes, wild and bright, life feels truly alive,
    or the wonder of music; evoking emotions so strong -
    Rocking highs and soulful lows alike,
    hope, desire, disappointment,
    anger, jealousy and depression -
    all these play only a small part
    in the tapestry of life.
    What about friendships and relationships?
    The confidence companionship brings,
    but with confidence comes the risk,
    that of the hurt which surely follows
    when the other turns their back, forcing you to forge on, move on,
    Onwards and upwards,
    there’s always more awaiting you -
    Wonder, joy, hurt, revelations,
    every birthday the end comes closer,
    yet with age comes wisdom -
    Its the basic things in life we must cling to,
    for without them, life would be hollow.
    If the written word can but briefly convey this,
    then I hope it has opened your eyes,
    be aware of what is out there,
    what makes it all worthwhile,
    without the risk of hurt, joy would mean nothing.

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    Whats Right? by Isla Scott

    So much choice
    so little direction,
    no sense of assurance
    as to whats right for you.
    How do you stay balanced,
    forge ahead towards the goal unknown,
    with all that exists, decisions constantly confuse,
    whats right for them isn’t necessarily for you.
    Walking on eggshells,
    or so it may seem,
    who is it your trying to please?.
    Perceptions can weigh you down,
    the fear of ridicule rules supreme,
    so once again I question what matters most -
    Should I fear the judgements felt inside?
    if you only show that which you feel others approve of,
    can you still be true to you, or are you simply prolonging self suffocation?
    who writes the rules and ultimately is the penalty found
    in adhering to them too closely?.

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    Confusion by Isla Scott

    Confusion reigns
    where next? where next?
    pitfalls everywhere,
    don’t look!
    what you can’t see won’t hurt,
    ignorance is bliss,
    I’d rather not know,
    what lurks unaware.

Hi, my names Isla. I'm 31 and enjoy taking photos, listening to music, watching and reviewing movies/TV shows, writing poems etc.
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