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    Whats Right? by Isla Scott

    So much choice
    so little direction,
    no sense of assurance
    as to whats right for you.
    How do you stay balanced,
    forge ahead towards the goal unknown,
    with all that exists, decisions constantly confuse,
    whats right for them isn’t necessarily for you.
    Walking on eggshells,
    or so it may seem,
    who is it your trying to please?.
    Perceptions can weigh you down,
    the fear of ridicule rules supreme,
    so once again I question what matters most -
    Should I fear the judgements felt inside?
    if you only show that which you feel others approve of,
    can you still be true to you, or are you simply prolonging self suffocation?
    who writes the rules and ultimately is the penalty found
    in adhering to them too closely?.

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    Confusion by Isla Scott

    Confusion reigns
    where next? where next?
    pitfalls everywhere,
    don’t look!
    what you can’t see won’t hurt,
    ignorance is bliss,
    I’d rather not know,
    what lurks unaware.

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    If Only by Isla Scott

    If only I knew,
    knew what to say,
    my mind has gone blank,
    I don’t like things this way.
    Turmoil I feel, life is on pause or so it seems,
    inwardly I dream, imagine
    a whole new me,
    a me that may never be -
    whats to come, for the person
    who hides, runs away,
    stays distant and is confused at heart.

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    Lately my minds been on overtime,
    wondering all variety of ‘what if’s’,
    the missed opportunities, mistakes and hurt -
    would life be better without what made me me?
    Will my future ever exist, until I can fully let go,
    or are lessons still to be learnt?
    How will I know when the time is right,
    can I move ahead with my head held high,
    if I still work so hard to hide,
    hide away, avoid all challenges,
    stay as I am, yet secretly waiting for something, or someone,
    to show my full potential, so I’ll believe in myself fully,
    once more regain the drive and take control,
    life is out there, if you feel you can make sense of it.

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    Who are you? by Isla Scott

    Who are you to say who I am,
    who are you to know what I think?
    labels, labels everywhere - what good does it do?
    When I look at you, what do I see?
    who you feel you are, or what we’re told to see,
    misfits, antisocial rebels abandoned by society,
    with anger lying; trapped within,
    dreamers others criticise, your head should be grounded and not sky high,
    quiet introverts, you never know what their thinking so (their) better left alone, right?
    right? says who?
    Who are you? you are you,
    stand up tall and take pride in showing the world
    im not a label, I’m not here to be defined
    I’m here to be me.

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    Wondering by Isla Scott

    Trying to pin down
    the thoughts that once flew free freely
    around this head of mine,
    I sit and wonder whats becoming
    of all that surrounds. Memories,
    possessions - photos, reminders,
    harking back to a previous moment in time.
    Things often seem more clear in retrospect,
    yet I still feel many a regret,
    feelings seated deep within, start to re-appear,
    sometimes it seems I’m destined,
    destined to question,
    are mistakes really so,
    or am I masking a hidden identity?
    Self doubt still ties me down -
    is it right to hide from what keeps you back,
    or are you simply kidding yourself?

    You live and learn, so they say,
    still I wish I knew where im headed,
    help me move forward
    and free me from the chains of my past,
    when a blank page may be able to emerge,
    a heavy sigh emitted and finally gain the confidence
    to try and move on.

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    Remembering by Isla Scott

    This feels/seems rather unfinished but is as much as I managed to write:-

    Remembering by Isla Scott

    Remembering when I was young,
    life was full of opportunities, wonder, excitement,
    now the world seems different.
    So much changes through the years,
    questions and doubts arise,
    uncertainty pulls you in,
    it may seem like everyone you come across is judging you -
    it all seemed so clear, back when everything
    was seen through a childs eye.
    When does the change occur?
    that can make you your own worst self critic,
    confidence becomes sapped,
    and presumed mockery holds you back -
    is all as it feels,
    has society dictated our own success or failure?.

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Hi, my names Isla. I'm 31 and enjoy taking photos, listening to music, watching and reviewing movies/TV shows, writing poems etc.
If you'd like to read my poems, search for the tag poem (type poem into the text box by the magnifying glass) and they should all show up.
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