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    Ode to Autumn by Isla Scott

    The leaves spiral down,
    slowly, surely, the ground within their sights,
    down, down, down they float,
    as if trees shedding their skin,
    marking the start of a reflective time -
    time to look back and shed a tear,
    for that which went wrong, while revelling,
    in whats to come…
    as the year journeys toward its inevitable end,
    so a new one shall surely take its place.

    For now though, feel the bitter winds blow,
    gusts strong and stubborn push through,
    skies turn grey, turbulence to come -
    there’s change in the air…
    the festival of colours that earlier shone bright,
    become somewhat subdued, storms approaching,
    darkness falling,
    people retreat indoors,
    lights switch on, heating cranked up,
    lets hope it passes quickly,
    secretly thankful for the shelter we have,
    ever hopeful for calmer times ahead,
    while torrents of rain slap across many a window.

    In the cold light of day,
    may we see the remnants,
    colour blossoms outside once more,
    natures resiliance ever evident.

    Raindrops hang down, branches strewn over paths,
    mother natures frustration has been and gone,
    her beauty starts to timidly come out once more
    and we all breathe a sigh of relief.

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    That Which Is Not Spoken by Isla Scott

    Can you hear,
    that which is not spoken,
    can the signs be read,
    how do you know,
    whats hidden within?.

    Is my body language clear,
    when I gaze from afar,
    staring out the window,
    picturing what could be -
    tales of adventure,
    missions of intrigue,
    wild wondrous battles,
    it all goes on out there,
    where I am not.

    When I walk past,
    plodding down this long winding corridor,
    do you ever wonder,
    what may be on my mind?
    I dont suppose you do,
    I tend only to let those I feel close to me,
    acknowledge my bursts of imagination
    and glimpse at what lies within…

    If only my mind were better organised,
    more sense made of the wild and wonder I conjur up
    in my minds eye,
    the imagined adventures and possibilities could be endless.

    Do I ever let my guard down?
    do you see the longing, in my eyes?
    to be chasing…something…
    the dream I once had,
    the adventure as a child felt possible,
    how I long to say begone to the monotony of a safe daily life
    and hello to an uncertain future -
    If only I knew what said dream really was.

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    Changes…? by Isla Scott

    Dreamers dream,
    writers write,
    hope lives on.
    People aspire,
    lives forge on,
    the world keeps spinning.
    Society adapts,
    technology evolves,
    mother nature fights back.
    Time passes by,
    generations succeed,
    changes come and go.
    Somehow still,
    truths stay put,
    certainties remain,
    does anything ever truly change?.

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    Whats True? by Isla Scott

    Barely a day goes by,
    when I dont wonder why,
    what is true?.
    As a person I rely, on the PC screen,
    my gateway to communication,
    as an observer I catch the briefest of glimpses -
    people whose lives hide behind,
    that which they share online,
    what is real and what is not? typed words and chosen photos
    are our glimpse, at anothers life - what connections can be made?
    do we only see, what we want to see?
    as an outlet, social media may offer freedom,
    expression, that chance to reach out - self-reassurance
    your not alone
    and yet,
    Evenings spent watching messages come and go,
    brief greetings in passing,
    life goes on,
    but where is the connection?
    why do I bow down, at the alter of technology?.
    Do you realise the barriers your self-inflicting,
    as time passes,
    slowly the mind slumbers and procrastination rules,
    surely inspiration will be found between the lines?
    is it so?
    ah but must we not keep our finger on the pulse,
    to stay connected is to stay ahead of the game, yes?
    these thought patterns trouble me.

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    Guilt of the Mind by Isla Scott

    Why do you put me down so?
    I can’t help but question
    as shame rises through me -
    another hectic day,
    too many noises,
    I can’t be heard ontop of.

    Speech frozen still by silence.
    I feel the finger pointing at me,
    still I try not to let it show,
    carry on, head high,
    its not easy.

    Outwardly I act apathetically,
    yet sometimes it seeps through,
    hottening cheeks,
    aching head,
    saying time out -
    my mouth dries up,
    just keep your head down
    and all will pass by,
    won’t it?.

    Inside, condemnation looms,
    self judgement swift and severe,
    yet whats done is done,
    I must allow my mind to settle,
    let the guilt float away
    and move on -
    safe in the knowledge
    that all I’ve proven
    is that I am indeed human.

    How I hate thinking I’ve been a failure,
    please mind, stop showing me up -
    though I am grateful that
    my pen gives me the voice
    my mouth does not.

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    Numb by Isla Scott

    My mind feels numb
    time wasting away -
    what to do, what to say?
    Feeling frustrated, self pitying,
    there’s a lot inside, hidden away
    and sometimes its hard to see through the mist -
    sometimes I think
    and come up blank.
    Its easy to feel irritated, condone self as a time waster
    being what comes to mind -
    look from within,
    what do I see?
    a lack of direction,
    waiting, for something to awaken me,
    waiting, to realise what I need to do,
    to see clearly, the way forward.

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    Inner Turmoil by Isla Scott

    Inner turmoil can be felt in many different ways,
    he who should not be named, waits to strike,
    as we measure every attempt, judge our actions so,
    fight the fight of self preservation.

    Thoughts echoe in my mind,
    how to express them?
    my tongue becomes tied oh so tightly,
    confused meanings,
    hot tempered, I back track,
    why do you look at me like that?
    don’t deny it, its there, plain to see -
    perhaps its best to stay quiet.

    When to speak? how to explain,
    that which haunts within.

    Don’t let the fear take over,
    gently accept and let go,
    only by agreeing to self forgiveness,
    doubting your own conclusions,
    lessening your routine thoughts of of strict discipline,
    can one really free themselves.

    Think clearly, breathe a sigh of freedom,
    do not let him win,
    for your future awaits and kindness can make it so,
    so much easier and happier,
    if you just agree,
    agree to letting yourself off the hook.

    In each of us the key is held,
    the choice lies within,
    see interactions as chances for humiliation,
    showing ourselves up - risky business indeed,
    or opportunities, chances to connect, to improve,
    to network, lose the cloak of loneliness,
    if but briefly.

    In life there are no guarantees,
    to err is human,
    yet how quick are we to condemn perceived flaws,
    mistakes, mishaps, badly worded arguments -
    do the other party view it so,
    or are we to carry such condemnations on our back forevermore?
    after all, its ourselves we have to live with.

    My body may feel tired and weak at times,
    frustration is powerful indeed,
    its easy to want to hide away forevermore
    but what kind of a life would that ultimately be?
    So back to forgiveness I go,
    acknowledge and move on,
    its the only way to go.

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    Lone Voice

    Lone voice be heard,
    lone voice be recognised,
    you are worthy,
    you are justified,
    no-one can take your importance away -
    the louder others talk, the more I see,
    how important it is to me,
    to slow down and compose my thoughts,
    create the voice my feelings crave,
    an escape route for emotions.
    Maybe I’m not like you,
    perhaps I’m cautious beyond necessity,
    fears and judgements providing a barrier,
    vocalising the truth is an all important tool,
    lone voice may be,
    take heed, for they may have an important message
    and perhaps if the day ever arrived,
    when we were all true to ourselves,
    we would then discover that lone voice,
    isn’t so lone, after all.

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    Is Anything Guaranteed?

    Is anything ever guaranteed,
    in this busy old world of ours -
    lifes lived with tremendous highs,
    and sudden dipping lows,
    the uncertainties choke me,
    what will be? what will be?

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    Slave to Technology by Isla Scott

    Gadgets, devices, electronics,
    everywhere you look there’s something -
    something new, flashy and enticing,
    a new item to sap away your time,
    your precious moments, life drains away so quickly
    when you rely on screens,
    become a slave to technology.
    Tell me what it is, that we learn
    from said items, how do we progress
    as a communicative species - are we not shackled,
    allowing such items to entertain us, we lose our own gift,
    our gift of inventiveness, of creativity, of potential,
    our need to reach out, to be at one with another -
    no middle ground, no body language, only words
    but words on a screen, or pixellated images you can only see but not ‘reach’ -
    is this what we’ve come to?
    is this really progress?.
    What next for the evolution of the species, if we’re to lose the art of reaching out,
    hiding behind the ever growing range of items us humans invented,
    for the benefit of whom ultimately? .
    Are we not suffering slowly from this decay,
    will we realise in time,
    when we pass on the streets, head down checking our phone screens,
    without even noticing our fellow man.

Hi, my names Isla. I'm 31 and enjoy taking photos, listening to music, watching and reviewing movies/TV shows, writing poems etc.
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